avi stares off, reminiscing about what it must be like to live only in a website. This photo was taking prior to the coronavirus pandemic

Hi! I'm Avi Bagla.

I’m a producer, comedian, and general creative. You’re here either by the weirdest fluke of chance, you are about to go on a date with me and this was the first result when you googled me, or you want to see my work.
So here’s some of my work. As of 2020

Look, we all get around to updating things eventually. Since this was made, I worked at Esports Engine on /twitchgaming and I currently work as a LIVE producer at TikTok

Avi Bagla: Producer

The one where I turn ideas into content

I'm an internet video producer who has worked for digital media companies you know and love to hate. I've produced and written videos for brands such as BuzzFeed, Mashable, DUST, FailArmy, and The Pet Collective (among others). My work is genre-neutral but I specialize in edutainment and comedy. And when it comes to on camera talent, I have experience directing celebrities for ad campaigns and people who have never seen a camera in their life.

What is Schizophrenia Like?
What is Schizophrenia Like?

People who have family members with schizophrenia go through an auditory hallucination simulation to better understand their family member. 2.6 million views across platforms. #6 on the YouTube Trending page


Experts sit down with Cinefix's Ti and go through the wildest sequences in our favorite films - covering topics from AI to Elevators.

Demotivational Moments
Demotivational Moments

Using clips in the FailArmy library, we motivated the FailArmy audience - except, we told them what they shouldn't do.

Georgie from the Scoop
The Scoop

I wrote and helped direct some episodes of The Scoop, the show for pet parents to see what is out there for their parents.

Nick Offerman
Nick Offerman's Hearts Beat Loud Spotify Campaign

For the film Hearts Beat Loud, I directed Nick Offerman in a marketing partnership with Spotify, building a playlist and producing the on camera portions for Spotify and Gunpowder & Sky.

One Liner Jokes
We Learned To Tell One-Liner Jokes in 24 Hours

I had a stand up comedian and the world's foremost expert on the lingustics of comedy teach my coworkers how to write one-liner jokes

Other Samples:

Science/Fiction (Mashable), Evolution of Women in Hollywood Sci-fi (DUST), various interviews for A Little Late with Lilly Singh (NBC, as a segment researcher), Wendy's Lip Sync (Gunpowder & Sky), DUST Horizons, the podcast featured by Sticher and Apple (DUST), FLOW, a Meditative Experience (DUST)

Avi Bagla: Host/Comedian

The one where I talk to people for you and make them laugh - online and in person

I've been told that I make people laugh and well, I believe them more than I believe me. I've been performing stand up comedy since 2016. I also have appeared in video content for BuzzFeed, FailArmy, the Pet Collective, and run my own YouTube Channel where I make videos and sketches based on political or technical challenges. That's a very long-winded way of saying I tell jokes.

abortion gum
If Cis Men got Pregnant

What if abortion was as easy to get as a pack of gum? Because... it should be

crisis actor
A Day in the Life of a Crisis Actor

Everyone thought the Parkland kids were crisis actors, so we sat down with a real one to get the low down on how someone gets into crisis acting. Hint: it's all in the art

stand up
Stand Up Performance Sample

I perform some of my jokes in ways that embarrass me heavily. Please enjoy this set.

avengers parking

I love conspiracy theories, even though I never believe them. The human brain loves connections and so I took this one connection I noticed (Avengers Endgame is 3 hours and 1 minute long; most parking validation only lasts 3 hours at movie theaters) and just expanded from there.

social media horror stories
Social Media Horror Stories (BuzzFeed)

I sat down for a BuzzFeed video to talk about the time I accidentally posted amateur erotica to my instagram and my family saw the post.

The Phone Number that Insults You

I used my technical skills to program a phone number that I could text and call for free insults - whenever. Call it by clicking here! It always helps bring you down

Other Samples:

me in a floating dumpster, Imagine by Gal Gadot but as a Buggy Zoom Call, The video that got me a job at BuzzFeed, A PSA from the NSA

Avi Bagla: Internet Creative

The one where I, as my mom tells me, "waste my degree"

I'm a creator - and I use my ability to program to make art and projects. I've always been a nerd, and this is section is dedicated to me combining my nerd focuses all together. Honestly, this is a smattering of things that I've created for fun.

john cho
Using Deepfakes to Put John Cho in Hollywood Movies

I used the controversial DeepFakes AI technology to comment on Hollywood's lack of diversity (inspired by the #StarringJohnCho movement)

net elevation
Net Elevation

Everyone is born somewhere and everyone died somewhere. So I programmed a webapp that finds the least important life statistic - someone's overall net elevation over their entire life

The Scale That Yells Supportive Things At You

I've had my own issues with body weight and had found out that weight is actually a pretty bad indication of health and wellness. So I took a broken scale and programmed it to say supportive things instead of a number, then tested it in Hollywood.

emotional fixations
Emotional Fixations

I think music incites such cool emotion when we watch films, so I made this art piece that showcases how music affects the interpretation of videos. You can use the provided video and click around for music, or swap out the video for your own choice.

nsa psa

Wish Beyonce could answer your questions with her lyrics? Enjoy this bot that was made purely because of the puns I love.
*Note: This bot is no longer maintained, but still continues to operate

Using Memes to explain They/Them Pronouns

I love linguistics and how language evolves over time - and even faster in the modern age. I use the ever evolving relationship we have with memes to explain how people have embraced They/Them pronouns for non-binary identities.

Other Samples:

Child Separation Bot, Swearbot (again)